ec78ic310aWinbond Electronics Corporation America announced the production-release of two members in its SpiFlash 25X family of Serial Flash memories. Suited for makers of computer, networking and consumer applications, the W25X16 and W25X32 SpiFlash memories offer 16 Mb and 32 Mb densities in an 8-pin SOIC package. Using the company’s 0.13 µm Winstack technology, the memories support both “Single-SPI” and “Dual-SPI” operation to achieve what is said to be the industry’s highest-performance among Serial Flash memories. The devices also include uniform 4K-byte erasable sectors, in addition to earlier-generation 64 KB blocks. The smaller 4 K-byte sectors allow for efficient memory allocation and storage of data, and are required in many Intel-based PC applications. The 25X Dual-SPI feature has become a popular method for increasing SPI transfer rates when shadowing code to RAM and, in some cases, even for executing code directly from the SPI interface.

Windbond Electronics Corp.