KOA_Speer_WK_73_WEB.jpgKOA Speer Electronics introduces the WK73 wide terminal flat chip resistor providing high reliability and performance. This flat chip resistor features higher power ratings as a result of its enhanced heat dissipation. The resister offers current sensing for power supply circuits, which makes it ideal for automotive electronics, ECU’s, anti-locking braking systems and air bag systems. The resistance range is 22 m? to 1M? and the T.C.R. is ±100 ppm/°C, ±200 ppm/°C, ±300 ppm/°C, and ±800 ppm/°C. The available tolerances are ±1% & ±5% with a high power rating of 1.0W & 1.5W @ 70°C. This wide terminal flat chip resistor sizes include 1020, 1218 & 1225 and it is RoHS Compliant. Typical lead time is 10 weeks, packaging: 4,000 pcs/7" embossed plastic with small quantity pricing at $0.50 each.
KOA Speer Electronics
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