Omron_D3SH_WEB.jpgOmron Electronic Components LLC announces the availability of the D3SH series of ultra-small size, low profile SMD switches. Measuring just 3.4 mm × 3.0 mm × 0.9 mm and weighing just 0.02g, the switch is utilized in presence/absence applications to detect location with an on-off signal. A unique mechanism enables high contact reliability and precision operation. The switch is available in SPST-NO or SPST-NC contact configuration with a rating of 1 mA @ 5V DC. These versatile switches are available in right or left operating direction, with standard levers (1.6 mm travel) or long levers (2.1 mm travel), and can be shipped with or without a locating boss. The switch exhibits high shock and vibration resistance while operating in a temperature range of –25°C to +85°C in 60 percent humidity without icing or condensation. This series of switches is fully RoHS compliant and has a minimum life expectancy of 100,000 operations. Applications include mobile phone cover position, digital camera lens and viewfinder position, portable audio devices, gaming machines, and computer peripherals.
Omron Electronic Components LLC