ec79bm300.jpgPepperl+Fuchs added the WCS3B Read Head to its PosiTrack™ Position Tracking System. Designed to provide simplified installation and improved operational performance, this read head provides a 32 mm slot width, compared with the 25mm slot width available from the existing WCS3A model. The result is increased reader/code rail misalignment tolerances of 20 percent on the horizontal axis and 40 percent on vertical axis. Increased read head slot width allows for a more forgiving installation, and once installed, allows the reader to negotiate tighter bends when following curved travel paths. The larger slot size enhances monitoring of overhead or floor-based conveyors, automated warehouse equipment, and lift/lower equipment. Like the WCS3A, the WCS3B read head offers stand-alone mounting, integral diagnostic and power LEDs, a velocity output and an optional seven-segment display for detailed position and diagnostic feedback. The addition of an M12 quick disconnect increases durability and boosts the environmental protection rating to IP67. PosiTrack operates using a read head that optically scans a uniquely coded rail to determine a carrier mechanism’s position.