ec79pi300.jpgThe newest PCB terminal blocks and plug connectors/headers from Phoenix Contact’s COMBICON Power line are appropriate for increased voltage in a power application. The GMSTB(A) 2.5 HC(V) is a high-voltage header and plug with screw connection for wire-to-board applications.  It features a 7.62 mm pitch and voltage ratings (1,000 V IEC, 600V UL).  Enlarged wire and screw entry funnels result in bigger clearance and creepage distances. Integrated double-steel covering springs provide maximum contact safety even at high power, severe temperature fluctuations and in high-vibration environments. The MKDS 5 HV is a high-voltage, fixed printed circuit mount terminal block for power applications. The design enables discrete wiring termination with a rising cage screw clamp on small 6.35 mm spacing. It is available in one through 12 positions, with a dove-tail feature to create larger position sizes as required. Front or back pinning options are available, and an enlarged screw entry funnel makes wiring easy. The GMSTB(A) 2.5 HC(V) and the MKDS 5 HV are suitable for applications such as power electronics, frequency converters, power supply units, electric vehicles and motor connections.  Both products feature touch-safe design for operator safety.

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