PR20.jpgNippon Pulse America introduced NEMA Size 8 hybrid stepper motors that produce high speed and torque in a sub-miniature, RoHS-compliant package. They are suited for motion control applications where small size with high torque is essential. The torque levels reached with this step motor line makes them an alternative to servomotors in many applications. The compact and lightweight 1.8º NEMA 8, bipolar hybrid stepper motors provide flexibility in applications with limited space. The new stepping motors measure only 20 mm square by as little as 30 mm long. This makes them one of the smallest stepper motors available that will accurately execute 1.8º steps.  These motors are available in stack lengths of 30, 33, and 42 mm. Depending on the stack length, the motor can produce maximum holding torques (bipolar) ranging from 17.7 mNm to 29.5 mNm (2.5 oz-in to 4.2 oz-in). Other features include precision-honed stators and ground rotors for tight air gap and maximum performance; four leads; and simple, rugged construction for high reliability and long service life. Value-added customizations include coil voltage, double shaft, and lead-wire connector assemblies. The 100-piece price of the NPM Size 8 hybrid stepper motors is $30 in 30 mm, $36 in 33 mm, and $39 in 42 mm stack sizes.

Nippon Pulse America