ec79es300.jpgVIA Technologies announced the VIA EPIA NR Nano-ITX mainboard, powered by a fanless 1.0 GHz VIA C7 processor and VIA CX700 system media processor for compact, quiet and durable embedded systems. Measuring 12 cm x 12 cm, it is said to be the first Nano-ITX mainboard to natively support LVDS in two single or one dual-channel monitor configuration without the need for a daughterboard; this makes it appropriate for a range of ultra compact embedded devices requiring two displays, such as healthcare, industrial control, retail and signage systems. The VIA EPIA NR also provides desirable storage options, with Serial ATA and IDE hard drive connectors for mainstream systems and Compact Flash for local OS storage in industrial automation. Its I/O set includes broadband Ethernet as well as a mini-PCI port, USB2.0, COM, LPC and Super I/O headers; while WLAN connectivity can be supported through an add-in card for greater flexibility in system design. The mainboard is powered by the 1 GHz VIA C7 processor, enabling convection cooled systems in locations where noiseless or dust-free systems are essential, yet providing desktop performance with a maximum CPU TDP of 9W and average operating power of well below 1W. Coupled with up to 1 GB of power efficient DDR2 533 system memory the VIA EPIA NR mainboard operates at an average of below 15.5W for regular applications. The VIA EPIA NR leverages the display, storage and I/O flexibility of the VIA CX700 system media processor, an integrated embedded chipset featuring the VIA UniChrome Pro II IGP graphics core, to provide embedded developers with an extensive range of options enabling highly customized systems. There is also an optional upgrade to Gigabit Ethernet support for systems that require high bandwidth networking. Storage includes 1 UDMA 40-pin header and 2 Serial ATA connectors, as well as a Compact Flash slot for solid state memory. Native LVDS support is extended to offer two single or one dual channel LVDS panels, eliminating the need for a daughterboard and enabling greater display flexibility for industrial control, healthcare, retail and other applications. Expansion is through an array of compatible VIA accessory cards, including a further four COM ports (through the LPC interface), and both USB and mini-PCI based wireless modules. Security is provided through the VIA Padlock Security Engine, which when enabled ensures native military grade encryption and desirable data security. The VIA EPIA NR Nano-ITX mainboard is compatible with all leading embedded and desktop operating systems, including Microsoft Windows 2000/XP, XPe, CE, and Linux.

VIA Technologies