ec78od301a-LOSRAM Opto Semiconductors is adding a white LED to its Golden Dragon ARGUS family. It combines proprietary ThinGaN (indium gallium nitride) technology for brightness and uniformity with the patented ARGUS lens -- specially designed for high efficiency backlighting and illumination -- and the company’s chip level conversion (CLC) technology. Each package contains one HBLED with a thin phosphor coating over the emission area, applied at the wafer level. The product provides more useable light with high brightness and exceptional uniformity for applications such as backlighting and specialty illumination > 85 percent over the entire surface of the backlight) from a lower profile (under 40 mm) package, enabling the use of fewer LEDs overall for reduced part count and cost. With over 90 percent of the light available within a 160° cone, the Golden Dragon ARGUS white is optimized for display and sign backlighting, and it is appropriate for a range of general lighting applications, indoor and outdoor architectural lighting, and decorative and entertainment lighting.
OSRAM Opto Semiconductors