ec79ic300.jpgTundra Semiconductor introduced its Tsi352 PCI-to-PCI Bridge, fully compliant with PCI Local Bus Specification, Revision 2.3. The bridge makes it possible to extend a system’s load capability limit beyond that of a single PCI bus by allowing motherboard designers to add more PCI devices or more PCI option card slots than a single PCI bus can support. The device has two identical PCI Interfaces that handle PCI transactions for its respective bus. This traffic isolation can increase system performance in many applications such as multimedia. The Tsi352 joins the Tsi340 and Tsi350 to complete the company’s PCI-to-PCI bridge portfolio. Similar in features and functionality, the three PCI Bridge devicess provide compatible footprints for most standard 32-bit PCI bridges. Tundra’s Tsi340, an industry-standard, low power, 32-bit 66 MHz synchronous PCI-to-PCI Bridge is now in full production. The Tsi340, Tsi350 are fully compliant with the PCI Local Bus Specification, Revision 2.3. Tundra’s PCI bridges are suited for a wide range of applications.

Tundra Semiconductor Corp.