ec78od305a-LLumex introduced KoolBrite SMT LEDs. They use the company’s ceramic substrate material, a unique epoxy lens, and a manufacturing process that can cast the lense directly onto the ceramic substrate. The LEDs are capable of withstanding wave soldering, while providing a useable operating life of 50,000 hours with no loss in light output levels. They virtually eliminate failures due to thermal junction deterioration. These LEDs are appropriate for applications including illumination or indication on PCBs, annunciator and control panels, telecom switches and central office equipment, and medical equipment. KoolBrite LEDs are available in two families: single chip and dual chip. All are lead-free. The Single Chip family provides emitted colors including amber, green, red, yellow and blue. Intensities range from 30 mcd to 70 mcd at If = 20 mA with a wide viewing angle of 180°. The Dual chip family includes devices with bi-color output. Product choices include red/green, red/yellow, and yellow/green. Intensities range from 4 mcd to 12 mcd at If = 20 mA with a wide viewing angle of 180°.