TES-A-2024_WEB.jpgTeseq Inc. announced the NSG 439, an ESD generator that comes with a robotic air discharge adapter accessory and is used for the ESD testing of operating controls, peripheral devices and multi-way connectors affected by increasingly comprehensive product standards. The devices compact housing was designed for use in harsh robotic environments and withstands the high-velocity robotic maneuvers that occur during test procedures. The robot attachment can be positioned on multiple faces of the housing and networks can be exchanged by simply removing the locking cap. This device accurately performs these test procedures without wasting the time of specialized personnel, and because of the repetitiveness of the testing, qualitative reproducibility is improved. It is fully compliant with IEC/EN 61000-4-2 as well as ISO 10605, and additional requirements can be fulfilled by exchanging the fingertip. Pricing for a NSG 439 generator starts at $34,000. Delivery is 8 weeks ARO.
Teseq Inc.
732-417-0501, www.teseq.com