CompCorp_SampleKit_WEB.jpgComponents Corporation announced the availability of a free engineering sample kit. Featuring 100% RoHS-compliant parts representing those most frequently requested by designers for in-circuit evaluation, the kit provides 21 specific samples of test points and jumpers, along with fuse clips, and battery contacts. The multi-compartment box contains standard, low-, and ultra-low profile devices, as well as surface-mount, and thru-hole parts to help ensure EOEM’s products meet the highest possible level of performance standards.  Components Corps.’ full line catalog is bundled with the kit. Targeted to fabricators of high-density PCBs who demand the utmost in design flexibility and reliability, the kit’s samples are suited for a broad range of industrial, consumer, and commercial applications.  Among their most frequent employment is on boards in test and measurement equipment, medical devices, aerospace systems, and a variety of hand-held electronic devices.  Standard part numbers contained in the kit include the TP-101 Series of PCB mount and SMT (tape & reel) test points, including color-coded styles. The auto-insertable ATP-402 test point Series is also represented. Further offered are SMT and PCB mount jumpers from the FJ, SJ and PJ Series, along with samples of the MC-10 fuse clip Series, and BC-501 battery contact Series.  In addition to the standard parts presented in the kit, Components Corp. designs and manufactures devices to meet custom requirements.
Components Corp.