ec76od902a2One Stop Displays announced a 3.5¨ landscape orientation TFT-LCD display using a high-brightness LED backlight and TFT Micro-reflectivity (TMR) film enhancement technology. The TMR film adds functionality in sunlight to standard transmissive panels. It adds a minimum 2 percent reflectivity to panels designed with transmissive characteristics providing functionality in otherwise difficult conditions. This display features a digital RGB 18-bit TTL interface standard. The panel offers a vibrant 280 nit brightness (including touch panel) at 300:1 contrast. Viewing angles for this design offer a wide 65°/65°/45°/65° viewing cone. The ultra-compact design measures 78.2 mm x 65.0 mm x 4.6 mm (including touch panel) and a temperature range documented at -10°C to +60°C operational temperature.
One Stop Displays