litepoint_multi_web.jpgLitePoint Corporation announced their Multiport Test Adapter (MPTA) which enables both industry standard composite EVM along with fast-switching test methodologies allowing multi-channel MIMO devices to be accurately and comprehensively tested on existing, low-cost one-box test instruments. The test adapter's wide operating range (2 GHz to 6 GHz) addresses both 802.11n WiFi products as well as the anticipated 802.16e Wave 2 WiMAX products. It features direct RF connections to the DUT and single USB 2.0 interface for control and power from the test instrument. The composite and fast-switch features offer the flexibility to implement complete and accurate manufacturing test solutions plus a common platform to deal with low-cost R&D, design verification, and QA needs. The closely coupled architecture provides fast test execution yielding lower test costs while optimizing critical MIMO testing challenges such as full Tx and Rx manufacturing test in MIMO mode, Tx and Rx isolation test, Rx sensitivity test, and highly accurate EVM.
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