ec76ic304a.jpgPerformance Motion Devices’ Magellan Family of Motion Control ICs offer seven-segment s-curve profile generation. Available in one-, two-, three- and four-axis versions, these programmable chips provide users additional control required to eliminate oscillation and reduce vibration for smoother motion and higher throughput. Seven-segment s-curve profiles reduce the change in acceleration, resulting in less wear and tear on the system and faster transfer times. Other selectable profile modes are supported including trapezoidal, velocity contouring and electronic gearing. Magellan Motion Control ICs accept input parameters such as position, velocity, and acceleration from the host and generate a corresponding trajectory. Magellan makes it easy to program standard functions such as timers, PID control, and input/output management. Communication occurs via a host microprocessor using an eight- or 16-bit parallel bus, CANbus 2.0B, or an asynchronous serial port. Features include programmable PID filter with velocity and acceleration feedforward, 32-bit position error, dual bi-quad filters, 50 µSec loop time, and multi-chip synchronization.

Performance Motion Devices