EPCOS mini hi-current inductorsWEB.jpgEPCOS announces a high-current SIMID 1210-H. These components offer an inductance range from 1µ to 680µ, current handling capability of up to 1.15 A, and 60 percent savings in volume compared to the standard 1812 size with the same electrical properties. A special laser welding technique for the connection between the winding lead and the contract terminal creates a temperature resistant-connection that allows long-term use at ambient temperatures up to 150°C. In addition, the complete encapsulation with LCP (liquid crystal polymer) ensures high mechanical stability that makes these inductors suitable automotive applications, as well as for telecommunications, consumer and industrial electronics applications. The AEC-Q200 qualified components are RoHS-compatible and also satisfy the demanding requirement for a lead-free solder profile to the JEDEC J-STD 020C standard. Lead time is 8 weeks at pricing of $.18 in quantities of 10,000.
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