ec76em805a.jpgCopley Controls’ ServoTube STB11 small-silhouette direct drive size 11 linear motor combines a slim form factor with solid control stiffness, desirable bandwidth and ±12µ positioning repeatability. The motors are IP67 rated, and they are food-safe. They are said to reduce space requirements in semiconductor, medical, pharmaceutical, printing, assembly, dispensing and packaging automation. Motor compactness-forcer width is 26 mm for applications where space is critical such as desktop, benchtop and laboratory applications. The motors can be integrated into compact systems used for inspection, analysis, assembly and packaging. Specifications include stroke to 372 mm, 46N to 92N peak force, and 3.1 m/sec to 5.2 m/sec maximum velocity. Thrust rod diameter is 11 mm.
Copley Controls Corp.