ec76ic352.jpgMicrochip Technology announced six 8-bit PIC microcontrollers with integrated liquid crystal display (LCD) modules. The PIC18F85J90 Series doubles the amount of Flash and RAM memory over existing 64- and 80-pin family members for human-interface applications requiring embedded control, including thermostats, utility meters and medical instrumentation. This increased amount of memory enables users to add more complex functionality, such as speech playback and larger amounts of self-programming memory allocation. The LCD module onboard the PIC18F85J90 series also enables a software-programmable contrast controller. This contrast controller can boost the LCD voltage, dim the display, or compensate for environmental elements like temperature and lighting. These features lower the cost of the LCD glass while improving the display appearance, making advanced LCD functionality affordable to a whole new class of embedded display applications. Other key features include an internal oscillator, improved low-voltage performance and more LCD segments on 64-pin devices, which all help to lower the total system cost.

Microchip Technology