Jackson_Fury_WEB.jpgJackson Labs announced Fury, a 10 MHz global positioning system disciplined oscillator (GPSDO) that requires no calibration, delivers high stability, and meets the requirements of a Stratum 1 frequency standard. The device offers better than 1-12 accuracy per day, has exceptionally low power consumption (4.5W), has a phase-noise floor of -155dBc/Hz, and has low spurs and jitter. The device generates a one-pulse-per-second (1PPS) output phase-synchronized to UTC, which can be offset to UTC in 1 nanosecond steps.  The Fury device can be controlled by an RS-232 port via industry-standard SCPI commands and provides SNTP network timing via its GPSCon software option. Pricing is $960 for one unit, $750 for twenty units or more, and by arrangement for more than 100 units. 
Jackson Labs
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