ec76od300aTT electronics Optek Technology developed a full-color surface mount LED package. Offering high luminance and a long operating lifespan, the OVSPRGBCR4 device was designed specifically for high current drive. Each color can be independently controlled for high output from each individual chip, as well as programmed for color mixing to achieve all the colors of the rainbow plus white. According to the company, the LED package was designed with a high flux output, low thermal resistance, and ultra low profile. The energy-efficient design, along with the RGB color-capabilities, high CRI rating, and full 130° viewing angle, make it suitable for a variety of lighting applications, including entertainment lighting; “mood” lighting in automotive, airplane, and elevator cabins; retail product illumination; architectural accents; and conventional lighting. The RGB LED package is composed of a red, green and blue LED with water clear lenses mounted on the top of the device. Typical luminous flux for the red, green and blue LEDs is 21 lm, 32 lm, and 7.5 lm, with a typical on-axis intensity of 7 cd, 11 cd, and 2.8 cd, respectively.  DC forward current is 250 mA per color, with peak pulsed forward current of 500 mA and a thermal resistance of 20K/W. Maximum rated junction temperature is 125°C, and the operating temperature range is -40°C to +100°C.
Optek Technology