dsPIC33FJ12GP Block DiagramWEB.jpgMicrochip Technology Inc. announced the dsPIC33FJ12GP family of Digital Signal Controllers (DSCs), which are uniquely suited for a new class of “Smart Sensor” applications. The 40 MIPS dsPIC33FJ12GP family enables a new class of sensor processing, dubbed Smart Sensors, which can enhance sensor performance and extend product life. With package sizes as small as 6 mm x 6 mm, the processor can be moved closer to the sensor—eliminating lead noise and offloading this workload from a central processor—creating a Smart Sensor scenario. Using libraries and filter design tools, digital filters can replace analog filters to reduce noise.  The devices on-chip Analog-Digital-Converters (ADCs), with up to 1.1 Msps, permit signal oversampling to improve signal-to-noise ratios.  Spectral analysis can be conducted adjacent to the sensor, permitting more robust application performance and a digital connection to upstream processors.  Additionally, the dsPIC33FJ12GP family has sufficient performance and resources to serve as the sole processor in some Smart Sensor applications.
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