Texas Instruments introduced the eXpressDSP Digital Media Software Standard (xDM), a low-level application programming interface (API) for DSP-based software that provides a framework for seamlessly integrating and exchanging multiple codecs within an application. As part of the company’s offering to digital video developers using DaVinci technology, xDM compliant codecs of the same class -- video, imaging, speech, and audio -- can be exchanged with no changes required at the application layer. xDM is an extension of TI’s eXpressDSP Algorithm Interoperability Standard (xDAIS), and makes it possible to exchange codecs by simplifying codec APIs to encode, decode, and control functions. For fixed applications, the ability to swap out different algorithms without having to rewrite application code enables developers to leverage the same hardware platform across a wide range of applications. For emerging applications, such as Surveillance IP Networked cameras that can support both MPEG-4 and H.264, the ability to dynamically exchange codecs improves management of limited network bandwidth and allows flexible use with security DVRs and other equipment. The xDM standard also enables OEMs to create highly specialized codecs that offer an advantage to customers who use the OEM’s equipment end-to-end.

Texas Instruments