Metalux_ME651_21WEB.jpgMetallux announced the ME501 piezoresistive ceramic pressure sensor. It comes in a variety of pressure ranges from the 0-0.5 bar up to 0-600 bar. With an operating temperature range of -40°C to 135°C, the sensor offers wide temperature compensation directly mounted on the sensor, desirable protection from corrosion, impact and vibration resistance, and easy mounting options. These sensors are designed for rugged environments such as tank measurement and contact with a variety of gas and liquid media. Accepting 2V DC to 30V DC, the measuring bridge is printed directly on one side of the ceramic diaphragm by means of thick film technology. The rear part of the diaphragm can be exposed directly to the medium with no additional protection.  The ceramic material creates a stable sensor providing a linear mV output with little hysteresis. The ME501 is priced at approximately $27.00 each for 2 bar and below and $25.00 each for 5 bar and above.