ec75bm904web.jpgSealevel Systems’ SeaI/O-270U, is a seven-port optically isolated USB 1.1/2.0 compatible hub that protects computers from damaging power surges, spikes, and ground loops commonly found in industrial and OEM applications. The hub includes the company’s SeaLATCH locking USB connector design to prevent accidental cable disconnection of both upstream and downstream USB ports. The SeaI/O-270U provides up to 1,500V AC protection from harmful voltages injected on USB peripheral cabling. Status LEDs on the hub indicate external power, connection to the host, and fault conditions. The hub is housed in a rugged metal enclosure, and each of the seven USB downstream connections provides a full 500 mA of power suitable for all USB peripherals. Users simply provide power to the hub using the included power supply, plug the hub into an available USB port with the included cable, and the hub is automatically recognized.
Sealevel Systems