Anritsu_MA24106A_WEB.jpgAnritsu Company introduces the MA24106A, a highly accurate power sensor that measures True-RMS power, regardless of the input signal or its bandwidth, over 63 dB of dynamic range from 50 MHz to 6 GHz. The sensor is suitable for measuring average power of CW, multi-tone, and modulated RF waveforms, such as those used in 3G, 4G, and OFDM designs. High accuracy of typically ±0.13 dB is assured because the calibration data is stored directly in the sensor, and all necessary frequency and temperature corrections are done internally. It is reliable and rugged because of its +33 dBm power handling and 3.3 kV ESD protection. This type of performance and durability make the sensor well suited for installation and maintenance of base stations, as well as for testing 3G and 4G products, cell phones and general-purpose RF devices. The MA24106A has a U.S. starting list price of $2,400 and a delivery of 4 weeks ARO.
Anritsu Company