ec75tm801web.jpgAgilent Technologies introduced an enhanced model of what is said to be the world's fastest signal source analyzer, the Agilent E5052A. It features a tenfold improvement in measurement throughput and more precise analysis functions than its predecessor, as well as desirable performance in clock jitter measurement with a very low jitter noise floor. The E5052B 10 MHz to 7 GHz signal source analyzer features wide offset-frequency ranges, low local phase noise and long memory. With a phase-noise-analysis offset frequency range extended from 40 MHz to 100 MHz, for example, it now covers all major digital communication standards in standard test. In addition, its maximum transient bandwidth in a WIDE mode has been extended from 25.6 MHz to 80 MHz, and it features more than 100 times longer memory. The E5052B's frequency range can be extended up to 26.5 GHz with the E5053A, and up to 110 GHz with the E5053A plus Agilent 11970 Series mixers.
Agilent Technologies