Furukawa America Inc. announced microcellular PET reflective sheet that was first deployed in backlight systems for LCD TV and fluorescent illuminated signboards to produce brighter, clearer images. The white MCPET sheets reflect blue light with wavelengths of 400 nm and red light with wavelengths of 700 nm nearly equally, allowing for the production of very bright sign panels. The 1 mm thick MCPET achieves a total light reflectivity of 99 percent and a diffuse reflectivity of 96 percent compared to conventional mirrored or metallic reflection panels that achieve only a 10 percent diffuse reflectance ratio and restrict the total light reflected to a single direction. It features extra-fine bubble diameters of 10 microns or less, and is recognized as class HBF by UL94 (a horizontal burning foamed material test).
Furukawa America Inc
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