ec75tm805web.jpgPickering Interfaces is expanding its range of PXI switching modules with the introduction of a range of high density solid state multiplexers. Applications include switching DMMs for four terminal resistor measurements or as an input switch to data acquisition systems. The 40-680 is available in a choice of configurations ranging from a 160-channel single bank multiplexer, a 20-bank eight-channel multiplexer to a four-pole 40-channel multiplexer. The 40-680 is able to handle voltages to >±15V and has a low typical on resistance of 150?. The product includes fault protection that ensures that if the module power is off, the multiplexer is protected from voltages >40V. The device is compatible with any PXI chassis and is supplied with a complete range of drivers. The 40-680 can be used in the company’s 60-100 LXI Modular Switching Chassis Series.
Pickering Interfaces