e_arrows.jpgti ez control chipProductive Product: Texas Instruments announced a low-power control chip, the UCC28060, features an interleaved transition-mode power factor correction circuit. The two-phase high-performance controller for 75W to 800W applications simplifies power system design, minimizes switching losses, and saves system cost and valuable board space compared to traditional single-phase, transition-mode or continuous-conduction mode topologies.  Its interleaving method reduces the amount of input and output current ripple, distributes magnetics to improve thermal management, and provides light-load phase management, which all combine to deliver 80 Plus and Energy Star compliance. Another new feature is phase management which allows the user to turn on or off phases of the power supply so that only the phases required to power the load are enabled. Failsafe is also built-in. The chip comes in a 16-pin SOIC package, costing $1.30 each for 1,000 units.
Texas Instruments
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