A software upgrade has been released by CAMI Research for the CableEye cable and wire harness tester. The new software displays multiple, independent connector graphics with live video graphics to help easily visualize complex wiring. Users may drag connector images to the desired position on the left or right sides of the screen, and orient each to view into the pins or into the termination using a control button next to each connector. Model cable data may be easily compared with test data to quickly locate wiring faults. Users may highlight wires of interest with a mouse click, then test that wire for resistance, edit wiring graphically with a rubber-banding tool to add, change, or delete connections, hover over components to see pop-up connector names, pin numbers, resistance values, and diode voltages. An advanced grid display allows entry of graphic wire color codes with a description for each wire, resistance values and tolerances. Users may measure diodes for forward voltage drop and reverse leakage up to 10 M?. A new high-speed check for intermittent connections runs at over 10 scans per second while a cable is flexed. New reporting functions with preview print crystal clear reports showing the schematic diagram, wire list, component values, and descriptive notes.
CAMI Research
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