Mitsubishi_NFM_WEB.jpgThe NFM series Medium Frequency 1200V IGBT from Mitsubishi Electric combines 5th Generation CSTBT (Carrier stored Trench Bipolar Transistor) chip technology with LPT (Light Punch Through) wafer. The device shows a fast switching behavior without increasing on-state voltage drop. Devices optimized for 30 kHZ, specialize in high speed turn-off characteristics without a considerable increase in losses by maintaining the typical saturation voltage VCE(sat) to 3.0V at rated collector current and a junction temperature of 125°C. The series is available with a rated voltage of 1200V and rated current range of 100A to 300A in Dual modules and also in single modules at 1200V with rated current of 400A, 600A. The product line is RoHS compliant to ensure the environmental compatibility and reliable operation
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