Dialight_WEB.jpgDialight Corporation expanded its line of LED panel mount indicators with the addition of its 612 and 616 series for easy front panel mounting in 12 mm (0.492") and 16 mm (0.642") holes and panel thicknesses of up to 6.3 mm (0.236"). The RoHS-compliant indicators are designed for a variety of applications, including main/remote power indication, status indication, maintenance/warning indication and instrumentation. The indicators last up to 100,000 hours – use 90 percent less power, and generate no heat. They are available in red, green, and yellow in 6V DC, 12V DC and 24V DC versions with solder terminals, require no limiting resistors and draw just 15 mA of current. Typical intensities are 60 mcd for red, 110 mcd for green, and 90 mcd for yellow. Operating temperatures range from -25°C to +85°C (storage temperature: -25­°C to +100°C). Polycarbonate lenses match the emitting color, and black polycarbonate housings enhance visibility. Pricing for standard products begins at approximately $2.00 per unit in quantities of 1,000; delivery of production quantities is six weeks ARO. 
Dialight Corporation
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