EI_HPCZv2.jpgEndicott Interconnect Technologies announced HPC-Z interconnections which provide signal connections only where desired, with functional isolation for single or double side surface mount partitions. The HPC-Z interconnect solves thick board drilling and wire density problems, and meets the need for functional isolation, with the capability of isolating high-speed channels on one sub-assembly and low-speed channels on another. It provides interconnections within the board, and eliminates unnecessary PTH drilling. HPC-Z provides a "PTH-like" connection at lamination with a pad-to-pad connection made with conductive epoxy. Since there is vertical connection with a lamination in place of a PTH, aspect ratios for drill and plate are limited to sub-assembly dimensions. Drilling is reduced - instead of having to drill a 300-mil-thick board through the entire structure to go from signal plane to signal plane, you can drill only where necessary.
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