Amprobe Test Tools' HD160C and HD110C Heavy-Duty Digital Multimeters (DMM) are designed for professional use in harsh environments. The IP67-rated DMMs are constructed to prevent moisture, dirt and grime from entering the casing and affecting the accuracy and performance of the meter. The meters are constructed from rugged, fire-retardant thermoplastic, which resists grease and chemical spills. All sensitive components are shock-mounted to survive drops to hard surfaces from at least eight feet. The DMMs are rated CAT IV 1000 V with extended voltage measurement capability of 1,500V DC and 1,000V AC. Both can withstand transients up to 12 kV. The HD160C can also measure capacitance, temperature and frequency and features 10,000-count resolution bar graph capabilities. The multimeters come with high-voltage test leads with threaded alligator clips, a 9V battery, user manual and Magne-Grip holster, which frees both hands for work. Amprobe Test Tools

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