ec75pc803web.jpgCatalyst Semiconductor, Inc. has added a 32-tap device to its family of over 35 digitally programmable potentiometers (DPP). The CAT5126 offers one-time wiper programmability via a simple two-wire serial interface which enables system designers to set the wiper’s value after power-on and also disable the interface to prevent further adjustments. It offers end-to-end resistance values of 10 k?, 50 k? and 100 k?, and it is suitable for LCD screen adjustment, automated calibration, contrast, brightness and volume control, programmable analog functions, line impedance matching and mechanical potentiometer replacement in handheld and other space-constrained applications. The device comes in 8-lead TDFN (2 mm × 3 mm) and 8-lead MSOP packages.
Catalyst Semiconductor, Inc.