ec75tm806web.jpgTektronix has entered into an OEM agreement with SyntheSys Research to offer an advanced clock recovery instrument. The Tektronix 80A07 BERTScope CR provides flexible clock recovery capabilities for stressed or degraded signals, and it is designed to make compliance testing of today’s high-speed serial data designs easy and accurate. When used with a Tektronix DSA8200 sampling oscilloscope system, the 80A07 will make serial data characterization and compliance testing simple, repeatable, and precise, according to the company. The 80A07 provides instrumentation grade performance, with desirable timebase stability, phase loop lock (PLL) bandwidth and roll-off shape control, and low intrinsic jitter for recovering clocks from stressed or degraded signals. The instrument will cover data rates continuously from 100 Mb/s to 12.5 Gb/s, and it is said to be the only instrument in its class that provides the user independent control of loop bandwidth and peaking, allowing precise emulation of “golden PLL” specifications dictated in serial data test standards. The instrument’s low 250 fs intrinsic jitter enables exceptional measurement system fidelity, and the continuous rate coverage between 100 Mb/s and 12.5 Gb/s together with its PLL shape control ensure support for all current and emerging standards.
Textronix, Inc.