Furaxa_PCIeExtenderREVA_WEB.jpgFuraxa Inc. announced its PCIeEXT-16 “Smart” PCI-express bus extender board which, when installed in any PCI-express x16 motherboard socket, facilitates easy testing and debug of PCI-express boards of all data widths (x16, x8, x4, x2 and x1). Controlled impedance, active current sensing on all power supply voltages, and overload reporting, make the PC. Lubricated gold-plated contacts in the top connector on the extender board withstand thousands of insertions, facilitating heavy production testing of PCI-express boards-under-test. Additionally, the labeled bus lines enable the board to be used in engineering debugging setups. Controlled-impedance on all high-speed lines ensures reliable operation in 2.5Gb/sec lanes, and maximizes the likelihood of reliable operation in next generation 5Gb/sec PCIe slots. Three precision milli-ohm-range current sensing shunt resistors, and three instrumentation amplifiers are used to provide a real-time output voltage corresponding to the current being drawn by the board-under-test, on the +3.3V, +12V and +3.3VAUX power supplies. A test point with a 1 V/Ampere output is provided for each power supply, for connection to test equipment. The PCIeEXT-16 PCI-express extender is priced at $349 in single-piece quantities, and $299 in quantities of 3 or more.
Furaxa Inc
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