ec75sa301a.jpgBanner Engineering's PresencePLUS® COLOR vision sensors are intended for detecting an infinite number of color variations accurately in challenging color inspection applications. These color vision sensors are available in two convenient packages: the two-piece PresencePLUS Pro COLOR with separate DIN-mountable controller and the one-piece PresencePLUS P4 COLOR OMNI. PresencePLUS COLOR vision sensors are available starting at $3,495. The Pro COLOR and P4 COLOR OMNI vision sensors inspect for the specific color taught to the sensor with the Color Match tool. These sensors are appropriate for thousands of color sensitive applications in food and general packaging, pharmaceutical, electronic and automotive industries. The Pro features a compact camera with separate DIN-mountable controller. Sealed Pro IP68-rated cameras are available for industrial and washdown environments. The one-piece P4 is available in both in-line and right-angle configurations. In addition to the Color Match tool, all models include a suite of gray scale  tools including Locate, Pattern Find and Count, Geometric Find and Count, Edge, Object, Blob and Average Gray Scale. The Pro and P4 COLOR sensors have a 752 x 480 pixel resolution color CMOS imager. All models feature the PresencePLUS universal software. Banner Engineering.

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