ERNI_webERNI Electronics announced a series of vertical D-Sub connectors equipped with THR (Thru-Hole Reflow) termination. The male and female vertical connectors are available in module heights of 6.0 mm, 6.3 mm, and 9.0 mm, in accordance with DIN 41652 and CECC 75301-802, and are offered with 9, 15, 25 or 37 pins. The contacts are gold plated in the mating area and tin plated in the termination area. Creepage distance and clearance is specified at 1.2 mm. Designed for fully automatic placement, the connectors are supplied on SMT-compatible trays or in tape-and-reel packaging. A pick and place pad ensures easy and reliable pick-up with the vacuum pipette. The insulating body and the pick and place pad are made of high-temperature-resistant thermoplastic, which is ideal for soldering with all lead-free SMT soldering processes. A metal mounting bracket reliably relieves the strain caused by mating, removal, and cable handling. The cpnnectors are available with the familiar locking hardware, which includes a through hole, a nut (M3 or 4#40 UNC) or a locking bolt (M3 or 4#40 UNC). The locking hardware is integrated, and features anti-rotation protection and ESD-resistant pre-mounting. Depending on the placement equipment being used, versions can be created with or without "assembly force." The pricing starts at 1$ each in volume.
ERNI Electronics