ec74od802aOtek Corp. has introduced its HI-QREM panel meter that is designed to meet DOD specifications. It accepts RS232/485 as well as USB V2 that can also be used to power the meter with a maximum of 200 mA at 5V DC. This five digit 0.6" LED unit accepts and displays zero to nine numerals as well as modified alpha characters for messages such as “TEST,” “LIMIT” and “RANGE”. The display intensity can be externally adjusted via a short potentiometer or via serial commands. Other features include ASCII characters, 8N1 settings, aluminum nickel-plated (or MIL-spec painted) housing, NEMA4X compatibility and an optional EMI/RFI filter. The unit can be used as a slave display for PLC, DCS, SCADA or other serial-out devices.
Otek Corp.