ec75pi301aMolex has introduced the LC2™ Metallic Optical Connectors to provide a ruggedized, all-metal housing version of its LC Small Form Factor (SFF) family. Designed specifically to withstand harsh environments, they feature the ceramic ferrule-based LumaCore™ optical termini to resist breakage and achieve superior optical performance. With a 1.25 mm (.049”) LumaCore terminus, the LC2 Connectors feature high-performance ceramic ferrules available for singlemode, multimode and angle-polish applications. They also offer hex register alignment to enable tuning of individual fiber connections. Available in multiple boot styles including straight, 45 and 90 degrees, the LC2 Connectors support many cable sizes and applications including 900µm, 1.20, 1.60, 1.80, and 2.00mm (.079, .047, .063 and .070”). The LC2 Connectors are capable of continuous operating temperatures up to 135°C, with short term temperatures of up to 150°C when used with high temperature optical fibers. Additionally, with no plastic components there is little or no out-gassing, allowing these connectors to accommodate space and high-vacuum environments. The LumaCore terminus used in the LC2 is also interchangeable with the Molex MXL-38999™ circular connector for ease of polishing, testing, inspecting and trouble shooting across the two connector styles. The removable color coded anodized-aluminum connector housing with a stainless steel latch enables customers to directly inspect fiber bonding areas and replace connector body components without fiber re-termination. When terminated, the LC2 Connectors meet a minimum of all the dimensional and performance requirements of Telecordia GR-326-CORE and TIA/EIA-604-10a (FOCIS-10). With LumaCore technology, the LC2 Connectors complement other field proven LumaCore-based products. Pricing starts at under $23 in small quantities. Molex

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