Oscillator Achieves Frequency Accuracy

April 10, 2008 9:19 am | Product Releases | Comments

Operating at a frequency range of 1 MHz to100 MHz, Raditek Inc. announced the ROCXO-26 series oscillator. The device achieves 0.1 ppm frequency accuracy and 5V DC or 12 V DC supply voltage. Features include stability up to ±0.05 × 10-6, low aging, and compact package.

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Switches Enable PCIe 2.0 Switching While Offering Zero Delay

April 7, 2008 11:26 am | Product Releases | Comments

Enabling switching PCIe 2.0 data rates at 5.0Gbps and operating at 1.8V, 2.5V, or 3.3V, the MAX4888A and MAX4889A dual, passive PCIe switches allow multiple PCIe graphics cards to be used in PCs and servers. The MAX4888A (dual single-pole/double-throw- 2 × SPDT) is suited for switching two Rx or Tx equivalent lanes while the MAX4889A quad switch offers twice the capacity, handling four equivalent lanes of PCIe data with the equivalent half lanes used as one source and two destinations or two sources and one destination to minimize the effects of crosstalk. Both feature a single digital-control input (SEL) to switch signal paths designed to minimize power and skew and offer a zero delay switch. Specifications include operation from a single +3.0V to +3.6V power supply and down to +1.65V over the extended -40°C to +85°C temperature range.

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Contactors Enable a Single-Capacitor 100-kvar PFC Circuit

April 7, 2008 6:53 am | Product Releases | Comments

With the precharging resistors for damping inrush currents integrated in the housing, the B44066S*J230/N230 Series of EPCOS capacitor contractors can create a 100-kvar circuit with a single device for PFC systems with and without reactors. The contactors extend the service life of the capacitor and PFC system via optimized switching behaviour, and are also equipped with an auxiliary contact. Available from stock at a cost of $290 each.

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FVDT Filters Offer High Extenuations In 150 kHZ to 30 MHz Frequencies

April 4, 2008 8:13 am | Product Releases | Comments

Premo EMC's EMI FVDT filters are intended for frequency investors destined to wind turbine generator. These filters present high extenuations in 150 kHz up to 30 MHz frequencies according to EMC 2004/108/CE Directive and specific norm product EN61800-3:2004. The product range destined to wind turbine generator include

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Miniaturized Ceramic Antennas Offer Flexible Placement In GPS, Bluetooth Devices

April 4, 2008 7:58 am | Product Releases | Comments

Ethertronics introduced two miniaturized ceramic antennas: a GPS/Bluetooth version and a GPS antenna, which is said to provide high efficiency while minimizing ground clearance and component “keep out” areas. Designed to address the challenges associated with incorporating multiple RF-functions into mobile devices, both antennas include

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TCXO Comes in a Reduced LCC Package

April 3, 2008 10:18 am | Product Releases | Comments

Vectron International announced its Model VTM3 small temperature compensated crystal oscillator (TCXO) that offers phase noise performance in a small package (3.2 mm × 2.5 mm), enabling customers in the communications, industrial test and military markets to benefit from the flexibility of a smaller, lower power oscillator without compromising stability and phase noise performance. The device is optimized for use in a range of wireless RF applications that include GPS, in-car navigation, pilot locator, security/tracking, WLAN, WiMAX and WiFi base stations, Bluetooth, digital cameras, PHS, RFID, test equipment and wireless meter readers.

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Ceramic Trimmer Capacitors Designed for Minimal Capacitance Drift

April 3, 2008 8:36 am | Product Releases | Comments

Suited for telecom and microwave projects requiring miniature components, the SGC3S series ceramic trimmer capacitors measure 0.126” (3.2 mm) × 0.177” (4.50 mm) × 0.059” (1.5 mm). The capacitors are constructed with high temperature liquid-crystal polymer housings for superior durability and low dielectric loss to resist penetration by dust and flux, and are colored to make each of the five available capacitance ranges easily identifiable. Requiring minimal capacitance drift over the operating temperature range of -25°C to 85° C, the SGC3S series capacitance ranges are: SGC3S030 (Black): 1.2 pF to 3.0 pF; SGC3S060 (Blue): 2.2 pF to 6.0 pF; SGC3S100 (Ivory): 3.0 pF to 10.0 pF; SGC3S200 (Pink): 5.5 pF to 20.0 pF; SGC3S300 (Green): 8.0 pF to 30.0 pF. Designed for reflow soldering and available in embossed carriers, 1,000 pieces per 7 in (18 cm) reels, the capacitors are well-suited for placement on boards with automated pick-and-place equipment.

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Thermal Management Device Transports Heat

April 2, 2008 12:42 pm | Product Releases | Comments

International Manufacturing Services, Inc. (IMS) introduced its B-Series Therma-Bridge as a simple thermal management device that uses a thermally conductive Aluminum Nitride chip with metallized terminals to transport heat from one location to another, thus enhancing overall board performance. The Therma-Bridge is made in numerous sizes and thicknesses, allowing users to choose the part which best fits their heat management needs.

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Silicon Diode Array Improves Communication Line Protection

April 2, 2008 12:33 pm | Product Releases | Comments

Littelfuse, Inc. expanded its SP72x Series of SCR diode arrays for electrostatic discharge (ESD) and other over-voltage protection of telecomm and datacom interface circuits. The SP725 is suitable for protection of microprocessor/logic inputs, data bus lines, analog device inputs and many other voltage clamp applications. Its thyristor-based design uses two bipolar SCR/diode structures to protect each of the four inputs (typically external signal or bus lines). Its operation is similar to what is known as a steering diode, but it has lower capacitance and leakage current for a given impulse rating, meaning less chance of communication signal distortion.

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HV Nonmagnetic Variable Trimmer Capacitor Works at Cryogenic Temperatures

April 2, 2008 10:52 am | Product Releases | Comments

Featuring high purity ceramic dielectrics, the SGNM series of high voltage nonmagnetic variable capacitors from Sprague-Goodman Electronics can be sealed to 40 lbf/in2 (276 kPa), or used for cryogenic applications as low as 4K. DC working voltage ranges from 1.5 kV up to 7.5 kV (DC withstanding voltage from 3 kV to 15 kV). Capacitance ranges start with 1 – 10 pF, and increase (in 5 pF increments) to 10-180 pF. The capacitors

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Low-Profile Transformer Suits Military Applications

April 2, 2008 6:29 am | Product Releases | Comments

Provided in both SMT and through-hole configurations, the LVB-4203 MIL-STD-1553 data bus transformer from Beta Transformer Technology is intended for use with 3.3V transceivers in military and other high-reliability applications. The transformer has a low profile of 0.130” height with a 0.625” × 0.625” footprint.

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DC Link Capacitor Handles Higher Currents

April 1, 2008 6:45 am | Product Releases | Comments

With a low-loss polypropylene dielectric, in a UL 94 V-0 plastic case and self-extinguishing epoxy resin sealing, the WIMA DC-LINK MKP 4 DC link capacitor can replace electrolytic devices in high-power converter applications. Available with capacitances from 5µF to 75µF at voltages of 450V DC, 700V DC, 900V DC und 1,100V DC, the self-healing polypropylene parts come

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Power Inductors Offer High Current and Low Resistance for DC/DC Converter Choke Coils

March 28, 2008 6:40 am | Product Releases | Comments

Taiyo Yuden’s CKP2520 multilayer chip power inductors offer DC resistance from 0.08 ohms to 0.15 ohms and current ratings from 1.4A to 1.1A, improvements of 35 percent and 44 percent compared to the company's previous models. With an EIA 1008 case size footprint of 2.5 mm × 2.0 mm and a maximum height of 1.0 mm and inductance values from 1.0 µH to 4.7 µH, the devices are suitable for

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Antenna Switch Targets Wireless LAN Applications

March 26, 2008 9:49 am | Product Releases | Comments

Operating in the 2.4-2.5 GHz band with frequency capabilities of up to 3 GHz, the SKY13309-370 LF antenna switch targets Bluetooth systems and other applications, including analog and digital mobile television in emerging markets, wireless headsets, and receiver chain of phones. This pseudomorphic high electron mobility transistor (pHEMT) gallium arsenide (GaAs) integrated circuit (IC) switch has a positive low voltage control of 0/3V, low insertion loss of 0.5 dB at 2.5 GHz and isolation of 25 dB at 2.5 GHz.

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100 MHz Crystal Oscillator Provides High-speed, Current-steering Logic Output

March 20, 2008 7:16 am | Product Releases | Comments

Maxim Integrated Products introduced the DS4100H 100 MHz, HCSL-output crystal oscillator (XO) for PCI Express applications. Said to be the first XO to provide a high-speed, current-steering logic (HCSL) output, the DS4100H eliminates the need to translate from CMOS, LVDS, or LVPECL formats to HCSL. Manufactured using a fundamental AT-cut crystal technology, it integrates a

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