Stainless Steel M12 Panel Mount Connectors

September 26, 2007 10:12 am | Product Releases | Comments

Binder-USA announces the addition of stainless steel M12 threaded sockets to its 763 series to provide a complete range of stainless steel connectors that are suitable for use in applications requiring a robust sealed and EMI-protected connection such as those in food processing and pharmaceutical manufacturing. Featuring a precision machined stainless steel body, these connectors are available in male and female versions.

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Thermocouple-to-Wireless Connector/Converter

September 26, 2007 9:57 am | Product Releases | Comments

Omega Engineering, Inc. announces its wireless thermocouple connector series that features stand-alone, compact, battery powered thermocouple connectors that transmit linearized, cold junction compensated measurements back to a USB powered receiver connected to a PC. Each wireless connector unit can be programmed in the field to work as a type J, K, T, E, R, S, B, N or C calibration connector.

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MicroTCA Cube-Format Backplane

September 26, 2007 9:52 am | Product Releases | Comments

Elma Bustronic Corp. announced its MicroTCA backplane in the cube style format that features six AdvancedMC, one MicroTCA carrier hub and one power module slot. This backplane has a Star topology, and it fits in a 4U wide cube-style MicroTCA portable enclosure. The backplane also features a JSM (J-Tag switch module) slot, and it has connections at the bottom for a cooling unit and at the top for temperature sensors.

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Cylindrical Connectors for Entertainment Lighting Applications

September 26, 2007 9:24 am | Product Releases | Comments

ITT Electronic Components introduces its VEAM VSC Series threaded coupling, 19-pin, cylindrical connector for entertainment lighting applications. The connectors are sealed to IP 67 when mated, have a black, hard anodized, non-conductive finish for scratch and wear resistance, and they feature a heavy-duty, ribbed coupling nut to provide easy mating and un-mating. They are rated to 700V DC and 500V AC.

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Custom Shaped Flat Cables Provide Space Efficiency

September 26, 2007 7:40 am | Product Releases | Comments

Cicoil announces its custom shaped flat silicone cables that allow for precise cable routing without folding, kinking or pinching. The custom shapes also contribute to the elimination of signal failures due to physical stress at the cable connector. Stressing miniaturization and space efficiency, this cable has applications in medical diagnostic equipment, motion control robotics, marine electronics and the automotive industry.

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Low Profile Modular Jack Components

September 26, 2007 7:29 am | Product Releases | Comments

ERNI Electronics announces its line of modular jack components to include low profile versions with integrated magnetic filters. These compact network connectors for heavy-duty applications are resistant to electromagnetic faults, and they are designated for use in compact RJ45 applications compliant with 10/100 or 10/100/1000 Base-T (gigabit) Ethernet.

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Protective Caps Seal Threaded Connectors

September 26, 2007 6:41 am | Product Releases | Comments

Binder-USA announces it’s M8 protective caps that ensure a protection rating of IP67 when applied to unmated connectors. These caps are suitable for use in factory automation and process control applications. They feature a PA (polyamide) body, PUR (polyurethane) retaining strap and a nitrile rubber (NBR) seal.

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Cordsets and Receptacles for Factory Automation Equipment

September 26, 2007 6:30 am | Product Releases | Comments

Turck, Inc. announces its 26 and 28-pin molded M27 multifast connectors that can be used to provide power and signals to factory automation equipment in the automotive, semiconductor and material handling industries. They are replacements for D-Sub (DB-25) style connectors in industrial settings where DB-25 connectors are limited to 30V and low current.

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Miniature Aluminium Enclosures Offer Desirable EMC Protection

September 26, 2007 6:09 am | Product Releases | Comments

TEKO launched its MINITEKAL range of miniature aluminium enclosures. These versatile and robust housings have been designed for easy assembly of the electronics. The all-aluminium design allows good levels of EMC protection to be implemented. Typical applications will include small hand-held measurement devices, low power Radio equipment, power supplies, peripherals, monitoring systems and detection devices.

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Enclosures Users Can Wear and Store

September 25, 2007 9:53 am | Product Releases | Comments

OKW introduced a new belt/wall clip accessory for its SOFT-CASE Series which allows the enclosures to be worn on a belt and then stored on a wall, or in a cabinet, after use. With this new accessory part, the enclosures can be used for mobile electronics that are worn by a series of users and then returned to a store area after a given period, for example data logging, inventory management, medical and wellness devices and guided tour systems.

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Two-Conductor Connector Offers Set-and-Forget Wire Termination

September 20, 2007 5:07 am | Product Releases | Comments

WAGO Corporation’s added the 222-412 to its LEVER-NUTS 222 Series of compact connectors.  It is UL/CNL listed up to 600V/20A and can accommodate both solid and stranded conductors ranging in size from AWG #12-28 in the same unit. CAGE CLAMP termination technology a maximum temperature rating of 105°C and ensures that the connector will reliably meet the requirements for a wide range of applications. It protects users against electrical shocks and employs an integral test point for testing/trouble-shooting a circuit.

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Miniature Aluminium Enclosures

August 30, 2007 8:22 am | Product Releases | Comments

TEKO launched their ‘MINITEKAL’ range of miniature aluminium enclosures. These versatile and robust housings have been designed for easy assembly of the electronics. The all aluminium design allows good levels of EMC protection to be implemented. Typical applications will include small hand-held measurement devices, low power Radio equipment, power supplies, peripherals, monitoring systems and detection devices.

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.040” Diameter Headers

August 29, 2007 7:26 am | Product Releases | Comments

Mill-Max introduces SIP and STRIP male pin headers which feature sturdy .040" diameter leads and mate to the company’s standard SIP and STRIP female sockets. The double-row connector is offered standard in 8 (2 × 4) up to 100 (2 × 50) position configurations on .100" spacing. This pairing creates a high-current interconnect rated at 8A per position.  When mated, these connectors create a high force, stiff and rugged interconnection between two boards or modules which resists separation and walkout

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CMOS Photonics-based 40G Optical Active Cable

August 29, 2007 7:08 am | Product Releases | Comments

Luxtera, Inc. introduced a 40 Gigabit optical active cable (OAC), Blazar, which is said to be the world’s first CMOS Photonics product. The cable combines the characteristics optical modules and copper cables to provide a high bandwidth interconnect. The target markets are high performance computing InfiniBand and 40G proprietary rack to rack interconnect applications. With support for quad data rate (QDR), Blazar’s 40G bandwidth and extended reach of up to 300m overcomes the speed and range barriers that have limited InfiniBand applications to small computer clusters.

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EMI Shielded Vents and Filters

August 29, 2007 6:55 am | Product Releases | Comments

Tech-Etch, Inc. introduced EMI shielded honeycomb vents, fan vents, quiet vents and air filters in all shapes and sizes. Honeycomb vents are offered in both standard and custom configurations. Nine different aluminum vent styles are offered, and additional shielding gaskets can be added to increase attenuation

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