The Tinker's Toolbox - Jim Vanover of Wurth on Dual-Coil Chokes for LED Applications

Wed, 06/01/2011 - 11:36am

alixHosted by ECN's Editorial Director, Alix Paultre, the Tinker's Toolbox is the Advantage Design Group's web-based interview show where we talk about the latest technology, components, and design issues for the electronic design engineering community.

jim vanoverIn this episode, we talk to Jim Vanover of Wurth about their latest series of dual-coil common mode chokes with high dual-impedance capabilities. The dual feature eliminates the need for multiple components, which saves cost on the bill of materials and space on the printed circuit board.  

Here is another link to the podcast: Wurth Interview.

Here is a link to the product data sheet:Wurth Datasheet.

Here is the product press release:

wurthSaving space and reducing bill of material components are always on the minds of design engineers, especially in LED retrofit lamp market. Wurth Electronics
Midcom, a global leader in the design and manufacture of custom magnetic
components, created the Dual Coil series of common mode chokes with high dual impedance capabilities - in the smallest package size on the market today.

The Dual Coil series of common mode chokes offer a cost-effective solution for
suppression of common mode and differential mode impedance at low
frequencies, ranging from 10kHz to 100MHz. The dual feature eliminates the need for multiple components, which saves cost on the bill of materials and space on the printed circuit board.

The Dual Coil has common mode inductance values ranging from 2.5mH to 140mH, while providing differential mode inductance from 0.3mH to 19mH. The Dual Coil measures 8.7 mm x 15.8 mm x 13-13.6 mm. With ratings up to 250 VAC
line voltages and up to 750mA of current, these chokes can handle even the most demanding needs in the LED retrofit lamp market. In addition, they are well suited to fit higher power lighting ballast applications, as well as any low-power, offline application.

“We have seen a tremendous amount of interest for the Dual Coil from a wide variety of industry partners,” said Dean Huumala, Product Marketing Manager for Wurth Electronics Midcom. “We have been somewhat taken back by the instant demand.”

Applications for the Dual Coil include offline and LED lighting along with 110/240 VAC main-line applications. The common mode choke is also suitable for CCFL lighting, filtering on device with unstable ground, power line input and output filters, power electronics, electronic ballasts, white goods and power tools.

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