The Tinker's Toolbox - Talking about Secure Solid-State Storage with Jack Bogdanski of Microsemi

Wed, 05/11/2011 - 4:31am


alixHosted by ECN's Editorial Director, Alix Paultre, the Tinker's Toolbox is the Advantage Design Group's web-based interview show where we talk about the latest technology, components, and design issues for the electronic design engineering community.

Jack BogdanskiIn this episode, we talk with Jack Bogdanski, Director of New Product Development
 at Microsemi about their new TRRUST-Stor secure solid state drive (SSD) designed from the ground up for aerospace, defense, and military applications. The device targets  mission-critical applications such as surveillance, data recorders, field computers, digital map storage, avionics, and GPS/communications systems.


Here is another link to the podcast: Microsemi interview

Here is the press release on the product:

Microsemi Corporation (Nasdaq:MSCC), a leading provider of semiconductor technology aimed at building a smart, secure, connected world, today announced initial production and availability of its TRRUST-Stor secure storage device. The first and only solid state drive (SSD) designed from the ground up for aerospace, defense, and military applications, TRRUST-Stor delivers reliability, performance, and security unmatched by current commercial SSD offerings and is targeted at mission critical applications such as surveillance, data recorders, field computers, digital map storage, avionics, and GPS/communications systems. Driven by market demand for a true high-reliability SSD solution, Microsemi has already accepted production orders from a prime military contractor.

Built precisely for challenging environments, Microsemi’s TRRUST-Stor drive offers features that outshine any other competitive offering.

• ENCRYPTION: TRRUST-Stor SSD gives the user a hardware-based implementation of AES-256 encryption with XTS, preventing sensitive data from getting into the wrong hands
• SECURITY: Hardware-based authentication enables even higher levels of security. TRRUST-Purge technology erases the keys in under 30 mS, rendering data forensically unrecoverable
• FAST ERASE CAPABILITY: Hardware-based fast clear of the entire drive occurs in less than 4 seconds
• HIGH RELIABILITY: Developed to endure harsh environments, TRRUST-Stor SSD’s ruggedized specifications allow the disk drive to withstand up to 1700G shock and 30 Grms of vibration
• NO END-OF-LIFE (EOL): Leveraging Microsemi-owned Armor flash management processor and IP, product obsolescence is mitigated while allowing for differentiation and customization

“We are excited to offer this product to our customers who have been demanding a truly reliable and secure SSD,” said Jack Bogdanski, Director of New Product Development. “The need for safe and secure data is on the rise and TRRUST-Stor delivers the reliability, security, and performance that only a company with Microsemi’s heritage can provide. Furthermore, unlike commercial offerings, our proprietary IP and controller technology guarantees our customers a stable platform whose future is not dictated by third party or commercial product design cycles. ”

Manufactured in the United States by a DoD-trusted facility, Microsemi’s proprietary made-for-military SSD design offers unparalleled security, data integrity, and endurance by focusing processing power on error correction, wear leveling, and eliminating drive corruption and unscheduled down time. This failure prevention methodology protects data from catastrophic failures in critical applications and enables a much needed layer of protection.


TRRUST-Stor secure storage devices are now available for ordering. For more information please contact your local Microsemi sales representative or visit  

About Microsemi

Microsemi Corporation (Nasdaq:MSCC) offers the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of semiconductor technology. Committed to solving the most critical system challenges, Microsemi’s products include high-performance, high-reliability analog and RF devices, mixed signal integrated circuits, FPGAs and customizable SoCs, and complete subsystems. Microsemi serves leading system manufacturers around the world in the defense, security, aerospace, enterprise, commercial, and industrial markets. Learn more at  


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