The FIFA Football World Cup 2014 in Brasil is expected to be a popular spectator sport in India. It was estimated that out of 770 million TV viewers of the FIFA World Cup in 2010, 115 million were from India, a substantial 22%. This time, viewership is expected to be higher. This is a great opportunity for TV brands in India to take advantage of sales opportunities. It is significant that the mass conversion from CRT to FPD has led to strong demand for 22- 24 inch screen size LCD TVs, which increased more than 30% Y/Y during each of the last two quarters. Brands like Sony and Videocon are both introducing new 22-24” sized LED LCD TVs aimed at capturing more of the CRT-upgraders.

LED has largely replaced CCFL-backlit LCD TVs on a shipment basis now, with some quantity of CRT TV still being sold by Indian brands Videocon and Onida. Interestingly the lack of CRTV supply has improved the cash flow of these brands as trade partners from up-country markets are buying CRT TVs by advance payment against a normal payment cycle of 15 to 30 days. LCD TV sales are expected to rise 15-20% in India during Q1-Q1 2014 according to the latest Quarterly India TV Shipment and Forecast Report, while some pockets of India where soccer is more popular may experience stronger growth. The entire TV trade has started substantial marketing efforts to attract customers while the opportunity exists. The World Cup will help the India TV industry reach nearly 9 million units shipped in 2014.

World Cup Boosts India LED Tv Sales