Photos of the Day: "Glorious Leader!" satirizes North Korea with unicorns and Dennis Rodman

Tue, 05/20/2014 - 12:54pm

Remember when North Korea’s “Glorious Leader”, Kim Jong-un, singlehandedly defeated the entire United States with help from Dennis Rodman and unicorns? Yeah, me neither, but this brilliant satire does. And it sprung from the most unlikely source — the video game world.

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I’d venture to guess that “Glorious Leader!”, from developer Moneyhorse, isn’t officially endorsed by the People’s Republic of Korea, but the brilliance of the game is that it just as easily could’ve been cooked by North Korea’s propaganda arm with the complete lack of self-awareness that Moneyhorse simultaneously satirizes.

Who hasn’t dreamed of battling an evil Statue of Liberty with what looks like laser eye beams?

Yes, that’s Kim Jong-un riding a unicorn, which I suspect is part of the official literary canon of North Korea’s “Glorious Leader”.





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