Photos of the Day: Goldie Blox, Debbie Sterling, and girls in engineering

Mon, 02/10/2014 - 9:54am
ECN Staff

Debbie Sterling, an engineering graduate from Stanford, designed the Goldie Blox toy line to introduce young girls to engineering. Originally crowdfunded on Kickstarter, the Goldie Blox have become a cultural sensation and could play a role in changing our industry.

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Goldie Blox got into a bit of trouble when a commercial of theirs used the Beastie Boys’ ‘Girls’ in a satirical manner toward breaking down gender stereotypes. Goldie Blox eventually removed the ad.

Debbie Sterling recently gave a talk at TEDx where she discussed gender stereotypes in engineering and, while she’s still viewed as an outcast, future generations of female engineers won’t.


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