In one of the biggest business stories of this still-young year, the Dutch manufacturing company Philips recently announced the sale of its long-running consumer electronics division to the Japanese company Funai Electric. The news of the sale was an immediate hit with investors; Philips' stock values rose by two percent overnight. The Philips sale has also won the attention of Zero4All, a company that works to facilitate relationships between manufacturing companies -- specifically consumer electronics companies -- and consumer product reviewers. Zero4All has weighed in on the Philips sale with a new statement to the press.

"Goodbye to Phillips and hello to Funai," enthuses Zero4All in its new press statement. "Investors liked the recent news that manufacturing giant had sold its consumer electronics business to Funai Electric of Japan, and the Zero4All independent product reviewers are also excited to hear the news."

The Zero4All press statement continues by explaining the significance of the sale. "While the Phillips brand has been a dependable, cost-effective electronics choice in many U.S. homes for as long as we can remember, we openly welcome the handover of their consumer electronics division to Funai of Japan."

The Zero4All press statement also offers conjecture about how the sale will affect the consumer electronics market in the long run. "How likely is it that Funai's newly-acquired consumer electronics line will become a regular and welcomed addition to our linked manufacturers' database of products? The answer to that question is unclear this early in the transition. However, our independent consumer product reviewers are eagerly standing by for more information from Funai."

Zero4All is an online program that allows consumers to become independent product reviewers, logging into a sprawling database of consumer electronics merchandise. Members of the Zero4All program are able to request the products they would like and receive samples and demo products from the manufacturers. They are then tasked with penning short product reviews, which are sent to the manufacturers and used for purposes of marketing research. The Zero4All program essentially works by helping consumers take advantage of manufacturer tax mandates; these companies are required to give away product demos and samples in order to maintain their tax advantages.

Though Zero4All charges a small membership fee, members are able to receive thousands of dollars worth of free consumer electronics, each and every month. More information about the Zero4All program, including membership details and an explanatory video, are available at