Eogogics unveils one-of-a-kind program to stimulate scientific/engineering creativity

Thu, 02/28/2013 - 10:55am

Eogogics released a comprehensive creativity development programaimed at engineers, scientists, and business/process developers. Product of extensive R&D and testing, it’sbelieved to be the only program of its kind in the market. Unleashing Engineering Creativity, a hands-on workshop which is the program’s centerpiece, teaches powerful creativity stimulation techniques to design or improve products, processes, services, or offerings.  The Unleashing Engineering Creativity book, part of the Workshop but also sold separately, is written by Joseph H.Berk, Eogogics Principal Faculty, who will lead a free mini-workshop on the application of creativity techniques live on the Web on April 25 (Noon, ET).  Eogogics will periodically publish videos on its websitefeaturing interviews with technology executives on how they tackle their creativity challenges. 

“Unlike the ‘softer’ creativity courses now on the market, we wanted to offer a hard-hitting program developed and taught by and for engineers and scientists,” said KK Arora, the Eogogics President. Dorin Balcan, Director of Engineering at Zebra Technologies, a leading specialty printer maker that recently hosted this Workshop, agreed, adding “Creativity is at the root of what we do as design engineers. We were looking for a creativity workshop that was state-of-the-art, aimed at technical folks, application-focused, and taught by a subject matter expert. This Workshop will go a long way in helping us master the art and science of inventing.”

Joe Berk, the Eogogics instructional lead for this Workshop, states that even those who are paid to be creative often need help in this area.  “Research indicates that most people lose most of their natural creativity by the time they finish school,” says Berk. “Starting with grade school, where we’re taught to stay between the lines, we’re subjected to a multitude of rules and requirements that stifle our creative spirit.  It gets only worse when we become engineers, for now our focus is primarily on “designing to specs”.  Our youthful natural creativity can be re-kindled, though, through the use of techniques taught in our hand-on and fun Workshop,” says Berk.

Creativity Program details are available at

April 25 webcast:


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